Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Old Dog's New Trick

My family had a pomeranian named Tiki for like fifteen years (you can read more about him here and here if you'd like), and he was awesome. I especially liked him because he was cunning, and manipulative, and a little bit of a bitch. Example:

He hurt his hand pretty badly one time. (Hand/paw, whatever. Shut up.) I think he tore his dew claw or something, so he limped around for about a week. And everyone was super nice to him the whole time. We all gave him lots of attention and extra treats, and generally just babied the crap out of him.

Then, for the rest of his life, whenever he got in trouble and we yelled at him, he would get a really pitiful look on his face and slowly lift up his hand like it was hurt again. Like he could distract us from being mad and trick us into feeling bad for him instead.

Conniving little bastard. Much respect.

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