Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Weekend I... Volume 12

This weekend I... watched The Bling Ring. It's that movie by Sofia Coppola about those kids in LA who broke into a bunch of celebrities' houses a few years ago. 

It was a really good movie. But it made me feel kind of sad about the pervasiveness of consumerism, entitlement, and status in our culture. And also a little bit like I want a Birkin handbag. 

This weekend I... tried to go camping, but it rained all day long on Saturday so we had to call it quits. Every (real) camping trip I have planned this year ended up getting rained out. Sad face. 

Gordy's first canoe ride
This weekend I... learned that skinny jeans are not a good choice for canoeing. I needed to get my outdoorsy fix since my camping trip got rained out, so I met up with my parents on Sunday to do some hiking and canoeing. 

While we were cutting across the river we got hung up on a sandbar, so I had to get out and drag the canoe about fifty yards. And since skinny jeans can't be rolled up very far, that left me hiking around for the rest of the day in soaking wet pants. 

Super comfortable. And obviously super hot for anyone who had to look at me.

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