Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Food Chain: Deal with It

This spring my boss's wife, who is very sweet and tenderhearted, found some duck eggs in the decorative pond they have in their driveway. She was very worried about them, taking measures to protect the nest and keep their dogs away. I can understand this, taking on a warm fuzzy project. But when I found out about her mission, I just couldn't resist telling her this story:

My sister, Amy, and her husband, Adam, used to live on a farm a few miles north of our home town. One night a couple of years ago, I went out with them and few of our friends. After bar close, a bunch of us decided to go back to their house with them to have another drink or two and then pass out.

When we got to their place (instead of while we were still at the bar), we all realized we were hungry. But Amy and Adam had pretty much no food in their house. And when you live outside a town of a couple thousand people, pizza delivery is out the question at 2 am. Besides, we were all hungry for breakfast food.

That's when Adam got a genius idea. He had a few ducks living on the farm and had recently seen some eggs in their nests. So he and the rest of the guys did some quick grocery shopping out near the barn, and we ended up having some (surprisingly decent) scrambled duck eggs. Luckily, Adam knew how to check each of them, so nothing quacked when we cracked them into the pan.

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