Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Weekend I... Volume 10

This weekend I... watched the new Evil Dead because I wanted to watch a scary movie in honor of Friday the 13th. It was a lot less campy and a lot more gruesome than the original. I think I prefer the delightful romp that was Bruce Campbell's 1981 version.

This weekend I... drove down to Lake City with the boyfriend to visit a very good friend of mine. We took the dogs for a walk, checked out the marina, went to an apple orchard, got daytime drunk, and went out for a fancy dinner. Good day.

Checking out Lake Pepin, the birthplace of water skiing (for real, I guess)


Anonymous said...

Nice!! I always enjoy Lake City.

Anonymous said...

...I'm still figuring this out, the Smoking Parrot.

Marie Muenchow said...

Yeah, it was a really cool little town. I liked it.

Leelee said...

That lake is gorgeous.