Monday, October 15, 2012

A Plague On Both Your Houses!

My sister, Amy, is f-ing hilarious.  And it's usually not even on purpose.  Which only makes her funnier.  Perfect example:  She moved out of my parents' house because she was convinced it was haunted.  Seriously.

At nineteen, she started hearing a ghost at night - a howling noise that she said echoed all through the house.  She was dead serious and totally terrified.  Because we're family, the rest of us mostly just teased her about it mercilessly.

She lasted about two weeks.  Then one morning our dad heard the noise, exactly as Amy had described it.  And he couldn't really think of an explanation either.  (Though he did not immediately make the leap to ghost.)  And that was enough for Amy.  She packed her things and left.

A few weeks later, Mom heard the ghost.  Only she saw it, too.  And of course it wasn't a ghost at all.  It was our twelve pound Pomeranian howling in his sleep.  That's right, my sister was driven out of her home by scary little puppy dreams.

A few months into life at her new house, she also heard a ghost play the guitar.  For real.  Ask her about it sometime.


Tessa B said...

They're new house is haunted?!? You need to get some Silvia Brown in there.

And all this time I thought she moved out of their house because she's a sinner looking to shack up with her boyfriend. I guess I don't need to pray for her soul as much as I once thought.

Marie Muenchow said...

No no no. The ghost played the guitar at the farm house. No reports of poltergeists at the new house... yet.