Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maybe Too Much Dexter?

There's an exhibit at the Science Museum of MN that shows you how much blood is in your body.  You step on a scale and enter some information like height and gender and what not.  Then a glass cylinder in front of you fills up with the estimated amount of blood in your body.

I tried it out when I was there last year.

My first thought:  Huh.  That's less than I would have thought.  I could totally clean that up by myself if I had to.

My second thought:  Shit.  Does that make me a serial killer?


Megan Angermeyr said...

Thanks to you and Derek, our house is now obsessed with Dexter... and blod

Britni Kesselring said...

Gotta love Dexter, watching it right now!! AND by the way,when did you get a blog???

Marie Muenchow said...

It's a weird feeling to root for the serial killer, isn't it? Like, "Oh man, you better kill that guy and get out of there!"