Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm a Pro at First Impressions

I once got to meet Joshua James.  He's the lead singer of a band I like, which is also called - wait for it - Joshua James.  (You might have heard of them if you watch Sons of Anarchy.)  Given the redundant nomenclature, you would think there is no way I could have messed it up.  Well, you'd be wrong, my friend.  You would be wrong.

I stuck my hand out with all sorts of confidence (you know, to show how cool I was with the situation) and said, "Hi.  I'm Marie.  What's your name?"  And then immediately wished I didn't have the ability to speak.

He replied with a very awkward, "Um...  Joshua...  Joshua James...  You know, the guy you came and paid money to watch tonight.  My name's on your ticket.  And my face is on the last album cover.  Oh, and those posters by the door.  And I think someone has a table set up with some fliers, and t-shirts, and stuff."

Thankfully, he is very kind and didn't say any of that last part out loud.  But it was fairly obvious I wasn't the only one who thought it and judged me a little bit.


Kris Whittlef said...

Ha ha ha!!! I can TOTALLY picture! So something I would have done! HA HA HA

Marie Muenchow said...

Definitely NOT my finest moment. Someday I should probably sit down and figure out what my finest moment actually was. And then I should write about that. You know, redeem myself a little bit.

Jacob Winkelman said...

Actually, this is exactly what you're supposed to do when meeting someone. Power move. Straight from the Jack Donaghy playbook.