Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Means No

I hate Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.  I think it's sending the wrong message to our youth.

Hey, do you like green eggs and ham?

Are you sure you don't like them?
Yeah, I've just never really cared for them.

What if you ate them while you were inside a house?
Well, I think I was inside a house the last time I tried them.  

What if the lights were off?
I don't think that would matter much.  I just don't like that meal.  It might be a texture thing.

What if you were in a car, or a tree, or a box for some reason?
Again, the setting is irrelevant.  It's the food itself that I don't like.  Why are you pushing the issue?

What if you were with a goat?
Wait, a goat?  Why would there be a goat?  And why would the presence of a farm animal have an effect on my brakfast preferences?

My body, my choice.
What if you were--
Listen, Seuss.  Your behavior here today has been inappropriate, and some might even say bordering on harassment.

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