Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thoreau Would Probably Have Something to Say about This

Does every high school yearbook have the "Senior Hall of Fame?" You know, where a bunch of seniors get named things like "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Class Clown?" Well, our high school did.  And at our school a lot of people took it surprisingly seriously, giving all sorts of thought to our votes. Which is what makes this story awesome.

I happened to be on the yearbook staff my senior year, so I was in on all of the vote counting for the hallowed Hall of Fame. And, therefore, I saw that my sister won "Best Dressed." By a landslide. I also saw that I did not get a single vote for that category. As twins, we shared all of our clothes. (Like, we literally only had one closet.)

I am fully aware that this does not say good things about me. I was, however, voted "Best Sense of Humor." So luckily, I was able to laugh it off.

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