Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Weekend I... Volume 15

This weekend I... got drunk with the boyfriend at The Parlour, the basement level bar at a new-ish restaurant in our neighborhood. They have a burger there that changed my life. They also have a pretty impressive cocktail menu. Each drink seemed to have a minimum of six ingredients and at least a couple kinds of liquor. I was drunk before we finished our first round.

This weekend I... went to a friend's house warming party and totally fawned over their closets. I love where I live, but an eight hundred square foot condo definitely fosters storage envy. During the tour she kept pointing out things like the paint color, or the floors, or the appliances, but I didn't even notice those things. I just walked along like, "Wow, this is a huge closet. Is that another one? Sweet Jesus, it's another one. What are you going to put in here? You could put so many things in here. Can we look at your pantry again?"

This weekend I... baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are f-ing delicious. I like to pretend I'm girly and good at stuff every once in a while. But I have absolutely no self control, so I made sure I only set aside eight of them to keep at home (in addition to the four I ate right out of the oven). I'm bringing the rest to work where they will last approximately forty seconds.

If you're at all interested, you can find the recipe I used here.

"Why are you ruining my life?!"
That's what the boyfriend said when he found out I was putting pumpkin in the cookies.


Anonymous said...

Parlour? Does that mean you're in Minneapolis??

Marie Muenchow said...

Yes, ma'am! Warehouse District.

Nate said...

I looked at their cocktail menu. Is it in English? I see celery and pear...

Marie Muenchow said...

The pear one was good. I had two of those.
I also had one with egg whites in it. I know. Weird, right?