Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Weekend I... Volume 13

This Weekend I... went to a slumber party at my sister's house, high school style. She invited a bunch of our high school girlfriends over to drink and eat and sleep at her place. I'd like to say it was different from high school because of all the booze that was there, but that's just not true.

This Weekend I... took down the flowers on my balcony. It was the worst. There were million little vines growing in and out of every opening in the railing, so it took forever. Things eventually turned into a rage spiral that culminated in a solid two and a half minutes of audible swear words. It got pretty creative by the end. (Yes, people have told me I might have anger issues. No, I don't believe them.)

This Weekend I... got sucked into warm, shiny feeling I get from buying all sorts of things at Target. Again. That place gets me every time. I go in just needing mascara and toothpaste and end up walking out an hour and half later with a hundred and fifty dollars worth of stuff I didn't even know I needed.

This Weekend I... was pretty boring, I guess. Sorry.

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