Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Weekend I... Volume 14

This weekend I... spruced up my blogger digs a bit, as you can see. Well, I didn't actually do anything. Corrine, The Blog Decorator, did. She was awesome to work with and I think she did a great a job, and I am in love with my new site. My favorite is the umbrella. It is f-ing adorable.

This weekend I... went for a hike in the woods with Gordy. He's fairly trustworthy, so I let him go off his leash and he loves it. Those canine instincts kick in immediately and he turns into a little hunter. He goes crashing through the brush like a god damned bull at the slightest rustle. So far, it has not been an effective method. If his life suddenly depended on his hunting skills, he'd be dead in under a week.

Fall is my absolute favorite

This weekend I... bicycled along the river down to Minnehaha Falls. The weather was beautiful and the leaves were gorgeous. It was the perfect way to kill a couple of hours. Seriously, I love fall. Fingers crossed that global warming means that someday it will never end.

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