Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Real Gateway Drug

Forget pot. If you ask me, driving around with your friends back in high school was the real gateway drug. A bunch of teenagers behind the wheel with no agenda or destination is only going to lead to trouble. Example:

One day, like ten years ago, my friends and I were driving around and ended up in another small town where we saw a house that looked to be abandoned. It was all dark and had bushes growing up over all the front windows. We drove by a couple more times, then decided that we absolutely had to explore the shit out of that house.

The lock on the back door wasn't very secure, so my sister forced her way through for us. We were practically giddy as we moved through the house. But apparently we were pretty oblivious too, because  we were on the second floor before we started to notice the furniture. And the posters on the walls. And the cigarette butts in the ashtray.

Clearly, this was not an abandoned house. It was just occupied by some trashy people who didn't believe in lawn care. And the four of us had officially broken into someone's home. Oops. We booked it out of the house, but not before snatching a poster advertising Black Velvet whiskey.

I never really thought about it until now, but those people must have been really confused when they got home. Their door was kicked in, but the only thing stolen was a poster that likely came free with the purchase of a 750ml bottle.

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megan smith said...

Oh jeez, didn't that black velvet poster have a lady on it? Pretty sure that poster got brought to the Big Birch Lake campground one of those nights we decided to camp. No soup for you