Tuesday, February 4, 2014

He Puts Up With A Lot

So my Christmas present to you was a picture of Gordy wearing a festive little sweater. (You're welcome, by the way.) Truth be told, that picture is pretty old. He was barely a year old when I took it.

I tried to put that same sweater on him again a couple of years later. It did not go well. He put up a fight the entire time, so it took, like, twenty minutes just to get it on him.

And it was way tighter than it had been when he was little. It was especially bad around his shoulders. When he tried to walk he had to take stiff little steps like a cartoon body builder. It was awesome and hilarious. But Gordy was visibly miserable, so I only made him wear it for a minute.

Getting it off of him proved to be even trickier than getting it on. After several minutes of struggling, I realized that I would need to cut it off. But it was too tight to even get the scissors under the sweater. I had to snip the very edge and tear it all the way up the back.

We were like a tag team Incredible Hulk. Christmas style.

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