Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Inner Glutton

I have a confession to make. My absolute favorite food of all time is Hostess Sno Balls. I know, I'm gross. But oh my God, they are so good. My whole mouth is seriously filling up with saliva right now just thinking about them.

But sadly, I almost never eat them. It's been years since I've had a Sno Ball. (Though sometimes I stand in the snack aisle at gas stations for really long time and and just look at them.)

Anyway, I refuse to eat them as an adult because I'm fully aware of how gross they are. I'm pretty sure the main ingredients are cellulite and diabetes. Okay, that part was an exaggeration, but two of these delectable little angel pillows do have eleven teaspoons of sugar in them. (So I guess the diabetes part wasn't too far off.)

They are, however, dusted with toasted coconut, so... protein?


Anonymous said...

not even on birthdays? what about putting a sparkling candle in the center of that snowball and just having your way with it?

Marie Muenchow said...

Yeah, I might need find a way to justify a Sno Ball sometime soon. I seriously haven't stopped thinking about them since I posted this last night!