Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How I Know My Parents Never Loved Me

As a kid I was constantly complaining about one of two things: being bored or being hungry. And for as long as I can remember, whenever I whined about being hungry, my parents would automatically suggest a grilled cheese sandwich. Every single time. (I bet if I went to their house right now and said I was hungry, it'd be seconds before someone would recommend one of those pseudo sandwiches.)

This in spite of the fact that I had told them, at least a million times each, that I do not like grilled cheese sandwiches. A grilled cheese sandwich is like a fake out meal. It's an almost sandwich. Bread and cheese; okay, you're off to a good start. But why, for the love of God, do you stop there? Why would you purposely leave out the turkey, or the ham, or the bacon, or the spinach, or the onions, or the avocado, etc. ad infinitum?

I clearly feel strongly about the issue. And yet my parents refused to acknowledge life choices.

There is another travesty from my childhood that involves food. On more than one occasion when I asked what was for supper, one or both of my parents would get all excited to tell me we were having tacos. Then I would have to remind them that they were confusing me with my sister. She was the one who likes tacos, whereas I find them to be the only meal worse than grilled cheese.

I know, I know. I've traveled down some pretty dark roads in my life. But try not to feel too bad for me. Those experiences have made me who I am today.


Andrea @ Love is... said...

I feel you on the grilled cheese thing... It's totally a fake out. But no tacos?! Those are my fave!

Jennifer Prod said...

haha, i bet this would just a funny inside joke for them. do they still do this??

Marie Muenchow said...

You might have just blown my mind, Jennifer. Have they been messing with me this whole time?!

JJ said...

my parents go-to food was mac & cheese. I can't stand it now.