Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hell of a Hole You Got There

We took a trip through the West when my sister, Amy, and I were about ten. One of the places we went was the Grand Canyon. Which was actually not as cool as you would expect. Maybe it's because we were kids, but honestly, it was pretty lame. It looked just like it did in pictures, we had to stay there forever, and there was nothing to do.

To entertain ourselves, Amy and I mostly just ran around with the camera trying to take pictures of the bottom of the canyon. I'm sure our cheap, 1989 camera had no problem photographing a subject over a mile away. But we were dumb kids, so that's what we did. Until one of us, I can't remember which, dropped the camera. Into the Grand Canyon.

Luckily, it landed on a small outcrop just ten or twelve feet down. We were afraid we'd get in trouble for losing the camera, so Amy climbed down to get it. Into the Grand Canyon. Turns out Mom wasn't too pleased with that decision, either.



Tessa B said...

Your mom should have invested into those kiddie leashes.

Marie Muenchow said...

Child abuse.