Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Truck Stop Sign Language

I spent the day I got my driver's license driving all over the county with my friends, Jess and Megan. One of the places we stopped was the truck stop in the next town over. (I know. But our options for entertainment were limited.) While we waited at our table for the waitress, one of us suggested that we pretend Megan was deaf. It was agreed that this would be awesome and the most hilarious trickery ever. (Again, our options for entertainment were limited.)

When she arrived, Jess and I gave our orders to the waitress, then looked to Megan who was gesturing wildly across the table. She flailed her arms around and I think pointed at her belly a couple of times before she started jabbing at the menu. We nodded, as seriously as we could, and translated her order. To add credibility to the ruse, Megan signed "thank you" whenever the waitress returned to our table.

This table reserved for the talent
Amazingly, Jess and I managed to keep a mostly straight face almost the whole time. Unfortunately, I don't think any of us remembered that we probably should have also used sign language when we were talking to Megan.  But I'm pretty sure everyone still bought it.  Megan was a very convincing actress.

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