Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post #101

So I can't think about anything to write a whole post about today. But here's a bunch of random crap. Much like this post. I'm so lazy.

  • One time my sister went on one of those helicopter rides at the county fair, and the pilot died in a helicopter crash like a year later.
  • I know that this not a good trait, but my first instinct is almost always to lie to strangers. Seriously, almost always.
  • The best way to make friends with someone really quickly is to talk about a tv show you both watch.
  • I let the boyfriend register Gordy when we got him; so, according to the city of Minneapolis his name is Gordon Hawkeye.
  • I do not understand the Internet. At all. Especially wifi. Am I swimming in a sea of facebook and youtube when I'm near an access point?
  • Speaking of the Internet, I'm always very careful about what I search online. I'm worried that someday I'll die mysteriously or, more likely, commit a serious crime, and my laptop will be taken in as evidence. I think about those imaginary detectives every time I open google.
  • Honestly, I can only "imagine" like two of the things John Lennon mentions in that song. I mean, no possessions? How could we determine who is better than whom if we don't have cars and handbags?

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