Friday, August 30, 2013

Childish Games

Remember when you were a kid and  everything you did was ridiculous and imagination based? I was thinking about some of the games I used to play when I was little, and I realized most of them were a little bit fucked up.

One game my sister and I used to play was called "poor people." We designated the office as our shack and staged it with candle sticks and a decorative lantern my mom had. We also draped towels over our shoulders like shawls to really get that poverty feeling. Next, we pretended to wander through the woods (the kitchen) to scavenge for scraps of food (think Kraft singles and saltines). Then we returned to our shack where we eat our measly crumbs and complain about how dreadfully tired and hungry we were and wonder if we'd ever survive through the winter. It was all very dramatic.

We also played "orphanage" with our cousins, Mary and Carolyn, which was loosely based on the musical Annie. Mary, being the oldest, acted as the headmistress of the orphanage. She poured juice into a wine glass and sauntered around as a violent drunk. Then Carolyn, Amy, and I tried to escape by sneaking downstairs. If we were caught, we'd be berated and dragged back to the orphanage for more maltreatment. So, I guess it was Annie without any of the happy parts.

Then there was a solo game that I played. This one didn't really have a name, but it was one of my favorites. It was just me climbing around under the dining room chairs pretending to be escaping from the wreckage of a fiery plane crash.

I might have been a weird kid.

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