Sunday, July 7, 2013

You are Free to Burn

The idea that people just hand over Sparklers to children all willy-nilly is absolutely preposterous to me. It is an absolutely reckless approach to parenthood.

"Hey little four year old child, put this stick in your chubby little unreliable hand. But let me light it on fire first. It's going to burn at two thousand degrees of freedom and sparks of fun are going to shoot out in all directions. It will be fun! Now go run around and chase your sister with it."

Maybe I'm just not that into fireworks in general. The boyfriend and I took a very lazy approach to them this year.  We just watched the ones at the baseball stadium from our balcony. Actually, the boyfriend did. I saw them from inside. On the couch. Out of the corner of my eye while I really watched cartoons on T.V.

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