Monday, July 15, 2013

This Weekend I...

One of my favorite MN bloggers, Syndal, does a weekly post every Monday called, "This Weekend I..." I like that idea and am therefore going to steal it.

So, without further ado...

This weekend I... came home to an unexpectedly large party. A bunch of the boyfriend's friends were going to the Kenny Chesney concert at Target Field on Friday night. Since we live just a few blocks from there, we decided to let all of his friends park their cars and tailgate at our place.
I was expecting maybe ten people to be at our place when I got home from work on Friday. Instead, I came home to find about thirty five people on my front lawn and the boyfriend doing a keg stand. Great fun.
This weekend I... went camping with the boyfriend, my sister, her husband, and a crap ton of our cousins. Well, kind of. It wasn't real camping. More like get-drunk-around-a-fire-and-eat-too-much camping. We had so much booze and so much fun.
After we were all sufficiently drunk, we played a few rounds of Catchphrase. We split the teams into boys against girls and made a rule that the losing team got shocked with my dog's shock collar after each round. That shit got real serious, real fast.
This weekend I... took an eight hour nap on Sunday. Not joking.


Amber said...

Jealous. Of the kegstand. And the nap.

Marie Muenchow said...

I have never personally done one. I don't understand how you don't drown.