Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Somniloquy" Makes it Sound Classy

One out of every 20 people talk in their sleep, but I'm told that I take it up a notch. Apparently, I often yell, super loud, in the middle of the night. Which, admittedly, sounds super unpleasant for anyone who has to sleep in my general vicinity.

The boyfriend was out of town last week, so my parents came down to stay with me for a couple of days. I guess both of them were woken up at like 6:00 on Saturday morning by my shouting. I screamed something like, "Hurry up, it's back! I can't hold it, I can't hold it!" (I actually remember the dream that prompted that one: I was holding a sandwich and all of a sudden there was a baby snake in it.)

I also yell at our dog in my sleep all the time. The boyfriend is constantly getting woken up by me shouting, "Gordy, stay!" And most I nights babble about nonsense like "squishing kitties in my hood" and "getting all the birds out of the plastic bag." I wouldn't share any of the blankets with him the other night "because he didn't know how to work the control panel."

Poor boyfriend; I feel really bad for him. Between me and the dog, who whimpers and dream-runs at night, he claims he hasn't had a decent night's sleep since aught nine.

P.S. This guy is the most hilarious sleep talker in the world. And his wife is kind enough to record all of it and share the gems:

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Conan said...

I actually just installed an app on my phone so that I can record wtf I say in my sleep. There are apps for both iPhone and Android devices. It will actually chart your sleep too by sensing movement to know if you are in your REM cycle or shuffling around. Pretty interesting app.