Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free Bird: Not so Much

Some people are total free spirits. They live these romantic lives, blowing in the wind and just going wherever the world takes them. Sometimes I like to think that I could be like that.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a girl from Paris who was couch surfing at my friend Bob's house. We went out for dinner and some drinks, and she told me about how she's spending the summer here in the U.S. to teach French to kids at a summer camp.  She also talked about the time she recently spent in Greece. And like a year ago, she was in Brazil and Argentina for a while, studying meditation and yoga.

I was in awe. This girl's life sounded f-ing amazing. I imagined having that kind of life myself; quitting my job, traveling the world, and just embracing the adventure.

But then I started thinking things like: So wait, just no contributions to your 401k for a while? And I wonder how health insurance works in that situation. You'd have to go home somewhat regularly, though, right? Like, to do your taxes and renew your license and stuff. To what address would you even have those kinds of documents and notices mailed?

And I think that was the day I fully realized that I am a god damned adult. Sad face.

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