Thursday, March 21, 2013

Canine Death Trap

My neighbor, Doug, has two cute little dogs, and the three of them recently lived through one of the most horrifying experiences I can imagine.

They got into the elevator one day to go downstairs for a potty break. As the doors closed behind them, Doug noticed that while he had both dogs with him, he only had one leash in his hands. He looked around and saw that the other one was caught between the doors.

"I'll eat your puppies, bitch."
The elevator started to move and the captured dog was dragged toward the doors. Doug searched the panel of buttons trying to find the emergency stop, only to find that our elevator doesn't have one. Then the dog started getting pulled to the top of the doors. Doug tried to unhook the collar, but it was too tight and he couldn't get it off. Instead he had to just stand there and watch, hoping his dog wouldn't be squished to death.

When they finally reached the first floor, the doors opened and the dog just dropped into Doug's hands. Luckily, the hook that connects the leash to the collar had snapped from the pressure, so the poor thing wasn't strangled to death. In fact, except for a couple broken blood vessels in his eyes, the dog was fine. He took it a lot better than Doug, who said he was shaken up by the whole thing for like a week.


Tessa B said...

holy shit, that is terrifying!

Megan Angermeyr said...

Oh my god!! How awful!

Marie Muenchow said...

I know! Now I am always VERY aware of where Gordy's leash is when we're in the elevator.