Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oops. It's a Boy.

Today marks the three year anniversary that the boyfriend and I got our dog. Like a lot of children, he was mostly the result of a very drunk night.

Yeah, well you're adopted!
We were with some friends at this rodeo that we go to almost every year. (Shut up, it's awesome.) At this rodeo there was a woman who was selling a litter of puppies. And I was already pretty drunk when I saw them, so I was immediately obsessed and couldn't leave them alone.

Since I had been missing from the rest of the group for a while, the boyfriend came looking for me. When he found me, I scooped up the cutest puppy and ran over to him.

"Give that lady a hundred dollars," I told him. "This is our dog now."

The puppy was f-ing adorable and the boyfriend was also pretty drunk by then, so he obliged. And that is how we accidentally got a dog when we were drunk at a rodeo. Even though this was about one week after we had talked about getting a dog but determined we weren't mature enough for that kind of responsibility.

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