Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Wind Began to Switch...

So, I've mentioned that my sister and I were a little high strung when we were younger. Among our biggest concerns were thunderstorms and tornados. Even the slightest turn in the weather led us to wringing our hands as we watched the skies. We'd flip between the local channels to keep a vigilant eye on the radar, and one time we gathered supplies in case our family got trapped in the basement (the supplies consisted of an orange, a beach towel, and some mis-matched batteries).

Then, when we were in sixth grade, the movie "Twister" came out. And it fucked. my. sister. up. For, like, a solid four months, she had the exact same conversation with one or both of our parents.

Amy: Mom/Dad, is there going to be a tornado today?

Parent(s): No.

Amy: But how do you know for sure?

Parent(s): ...

Just a near-constant anxiety, every day, until winter. Eventually, we both grew out of our fear of bad weather. Mostly. We still call to check on each other during really bad storms.

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