Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Weekend I... Volume 25

This weekend I... played racket ball with the boyfriend for my first time ever. It was horrible. Or rather, I was horrible. I spent most of the hour cowering in a corner or running away from the ball. I actually swatted it away with my hand one time, completely forgetting both the point of the game, and the racket in my other hand.

I am not good at sports.

This weekend I... went out to eat with some friends and have already broken my resolution to eat healthier. So, fuck it, 2015 it is.


lo @ crazy ever after said...

Can we talk about how similar our taste is in blog design colors??? I love yours!! Did you do it yourself?

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Oh, and thanks for stopping by the blog!!

Marie Muenchow said...

Did I do it myself? Oh God, no! I had it done by The Blog Decorator. She was awesome!

Oh, and your blog looks great!